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Local, Family Owned & Operated

We are a small family owned business that operates with low overhead in mind. This means we can bring you high-end luxury mattresses and sleep related products at a much more affordable price point!

How Are We Able To Save You Money?

No Employees

Operating with zero employees means we don't have to charge premium prices for our mattresses to pay other people

Inexpensive Advertising

We don't spend thousands and thousands of dollars every month on TV, radio, and billboards like our competition.

Appointment Based

Our store hours are by appointment only. This allows us to keep our utility bills 80% lower than the competition! Plus as an added bonus, you get the entire place to yourself when you come in!

Same Day Delivery On In Stock Items For All Of Your Sleeping Needs!


Adjustable Bases

Hi-Rise Platforms



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6280 Route 96, Farmington, NY 14564


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6280 NY-96, Victor, NY 14564, USA

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